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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Soulja Boy ft Lil B - 30 Thousand 100 Million (Official Music Video)


Whatsup Soulja and Lil B

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Matrix

You know when you see someone and your like, "They suck, i can do that way better than them" and someone else says "Well do it if you think its so easy." If you take time and actually do it, you will. You naturally can tell if your better than someone and if someone is better than you. Thats why people hate, because they know that your better than them and thats there way of showing it. When you have control over your time and what you teach yourself the power is limitless, which is why the matrix had such an impact. That plug in your neck is ultimatlly controlled by you, but its the haters (agents) that want you to fail and be one with them. Don't lower yourself because of others misfortunes. Teach them, how to be one with themselves.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

7L & Esoteric - One Six

I can't believe this was his intro. Classic. SHOUT OUT TO 7L & ESOTERIC, YOU GUYS ARE LEGENDS



Thursday, November 4, 2010


B*tches and H*es

I cant stand them, leave me alone, leave my emotions alone, stop annoying me and trying to get my attention. I treat you a certain way because you deserve to be treated that way. You already know that i am the best for you but that doesnt mean your going to have me all to yourself and be on some other ish. None of you are real, just out to get something, all i want to do is be with my own chick and for you other jezebels to leave me alone. If you don't want to be treated a certain way then don't treat me bad and learn how to do things correctly. Don't act like your the shit if your not and you cant back up anything. Don't be a hypocrite. I have feelings too even though you don't understand them and probably never will. I can love you one day and forget about you the next if i have too. I get bored and do things that i know i can do and you know it and don't care. Don't lead me on, be upfront. Is it just me or is there a severe disappearance in real people these days? I had to get this off my chest because this dumbass chick hits me up today and decided to try and b*itch me out because she didnt know certain information that has no relevance to her just to tell me that she is trying to do shit with some other guy, like, listen you dumb girl, if i cared about anything in your life i would ask, don't bring your lame ass stuff too me. I DONT CARE!!!! Im tired of you, your boring immature and bring nothing to the table. You were cool before but your just a tiring female that been on my jock since day one. Live your life in peace and leave me be, all you do is bring negativity to my peaceful world. This isn't how I really feel about women and all that, I just felt the need to express myself about this situation because it has been bugging me all day. I didnt want to put this on FB or Twitter because I know that she won't she this on here, and if you do I still dont care. That means you were meant to see this. I tried to use the least amount of foul language that I could, I did alot of deleting and rephrasing as I was typing this. I don;t feel like going back and editing anything, im tired and going to bed. I love all of you and the people that feel me. Stay positive and Ill holler at you later.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Philly's Most Wanted - Please Don't Mind


I Realized why I'm low key obsessed with girls with red hair. Growing up, all my favorite cartoons had someone that was fine with red hair. For example: Batman-Poison Ivy, Spiderman-Mary Jane, Xmen-Jean/Phoenix .

Stop Hatin On Me - Twinn (Full Video)