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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hello My Love

Hey everyone,

Just laying in bed, hungover from this weekend. We def got it in hard. I meant to write something on my bday (Sept 18) but i never got around to it. I don;t have TOO much to say besides I love you. I feel like ever since a certain day in my past i changed my ways and became a better person. My mind is turned off and I am just letting my fingers type. Im so tired right now. I feel like, I don't know? My Bday was amazing though, im 23. I was blessed to have all of my family over, my mommy, dad, aunt, sisters, nephew and granny. I can honestly say it was the best bday i have ever had. So much positivity and love. I have some new music coming out soon. Finally got my green chucks. My collection is untouchable. If you don't love yourself then who do you love? I am very tired of the fakeness that surrounds this world, that is why I am very exclusive now. Gplex is a way of life I have created. I have opened a world, a passage to heaven. People think I am religious. Maybe I am but not in a preaching sense. In a positive sense. I am spiritual. I have had an out of body experience and it changed my life. One of the many things that happened to me that led to the wings on my back......My computer is about to die and im too lazy to move and find my cord, I will holler at you later. I love you and enjoy all the music and info on my blog. Everything means something on here. BuhBye! Remember. "There is a limit to everything" - Josh Davis