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Monday, October 25, 2010

Crazy Dream again

My dreams are ridiculous sometimes, they seem so real. So this one was about a lady who is supposedly my mom (she was white for some reason) and we were all at some family gathering. all of a sudden our other family members tied my mom up to a chair and started abusing her, ended up cutting her legs off or something.

Its weird because I fee like i play the narrator and a character in my own dreams

So somehow, i don't know whose eyes i was looking through, but my mom is in an open feild, close to some village where nuns and stuff are, and she is walking on what seemes to be here own legs stitched back together but backwards, like knees were inside instead of out. So she's at the village or whatever and then time fast fowards again and this time, its just me and my other family members, even the poeple that did the shit to my mom. So for some reason, im like pulling some metal gear solid shit on the roof and my boy chase is up there, I have a red shirt on and i thought i was hiding but he sees me. It was dark. we walked on this roof for a while, spying on my family, then all a sudden my friend dashawn was up there and he was talking to someone from the roof. they asked where i was, as i was gesturing him to not say anything he clearly says "he is right here".

Its blurry after that part, but i remember being inside the house now, erverything seems to be ok but a little awakward then finally my mom comes in with some other epople, she is walking with a cane, a like blue dress, i feel like denim was involved, and i just busted out into tears and hugged her. literally, i physically started hyper-venitalting, which is how i woke up.

I was hugging her until she had to go into her room to lay down. After she went in her room. I went off on everyone, i started yelling, basically makign a scene inside this house. "How could you do this to her!" "Thats my mom!"

I was yelling at some fat person and she began laughing.

I know my dad was there but i cant remember what he was doing.

My drea, pretty muchs ends with me yelling/crying and I wake up feeling the same emotions as i was in the dream but with no actual tears or anything.