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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I just realized I love swag music. People are so eager to compare Music to another that it makes you lose all respect for someone else's. Of course there are the fake swag people but you know, I have come to realize that some people are just like you in this world, it doesn't mean they are jocking you, but you must always know that there are the "jockers". REAL RECOGNIZE REAL, the fake stay in groups. I don't say swag or anything anymore, i know i got swag, but its not something you "have" its something your born with. Some people just tend to display there swag a little bit more.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fam First

There are alot of things i go through make me feel like im the shit. I have to say every time im with all my family it makes me go to heaven without the use of trees. It makes me want to do everything amazing and eliminate more people that don't reach my standards. I don't give a fuck how "cocky" you think I am but the people that i fuck with are the same way so if you don't agree with it then chances are I probably think you suck anyways.SWAVEYGPLEXMOEVIBEFELT. I would rather be true to myself and have everyone hate me than to be fake just to please others. Its my life so I get it in the way I do. I keep a closed circle and love it. I am only surrounded by the things I value and the people I care about. I only allow legends or Rising stars in close. I pay homage to all those that taught me the ways. And I won't let you down. Holla

Friday, June 18, 2010


Hello, welcome everyone. I have gone through many blog sites and have found that this is my favorite. In my blog you will witness many emotions and thoughts That go through an ANgels mind. I have become one with myself but I have not reach the level of infinite, theyre only 8 levels of Gplex and I am only on 2. You will witness me being Happy, which is most of the time, an Asshole, sad, cocky, hungry, high, drunk(maybe), in love, and so on. You will see what i see. Listen to what i listen to. Say what I say. We will enter Gplex together. I love you